Material Information

Corretto Material

Here at Corretto, we put a heavy emphasis of not selling copper filled products like most online retailers. We recognize the threats in having someone wear copper based jewelry, as some are allergic, and most leave behind a green tarnish on the skin.

This isn't a good look for anyone wearing jewelry. That's why all of our products are labeled with exactly what they are made of. We are here to tell you that only the Rose Pendant has a copper base, every single other one of our pieces have Stainless Steel coated in 10k Gold. Most of every product also has also Pure 925 Silver & Solid 10k/14k Gold options as well. 

Our 925 Silver & 10/14k Gold is straight from Italy. There is no need to worry, these items were imported last year before this outbreak.

Pure 925 Silver & Solid 10k/14k Gold we always recommend to get. These pieces will never fade after use, whether you are in the shower, pool, or use while working out. 10k Plated pieces can be worn there as well, but will over time show signs of wear. 

We understand that some prefer certain materials over others, which is why we have worked hard to get materials at a reasonable price point! 

Please contact us if you have any questions on any of our pieces!